Andreas A. Pfaffhuber (PhD), CEO

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Pfaffhuber has extensive leadership experience in innovation, research, project management, business development and scientific consulting. Pfaffhuber is the visionary behind airborne geo-intelligence. He introduced airborne geophysics to NGI in 2007 initially for resource exploration and later for the unique application in geotechnical projects.

Pfaffhuber established the NGI Geosurveys section in 2012 based on a strategic research project. Geosurveys develops, adapts and implements geophysical, remote sensing and GIS methods in NGIs advanced geotechnical projects. For one year he contributed with Business Development to NGIs newly established daughter company in Perth, Australia. 

Pfaffhuber holds a PhD in Applied Geophysics from Bremen University (2006) and an MSc in Applied Geoscience from Technical University Berlin (2001)

Craig William Christensen (MSc), VP Technology

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Just like EMerald Geomodelling, Craig Christensen has a talent for bridging the gaps between seemingly disparate fields within applied geoscience.

In his MSc thesis, he combined geophysical measurements and geomorphological observations to analyse patterns in mountain groundwater distribution. Likewise, at both EMerald Geomodelling and NGI, he has led development of geostatiscial algorithms that model bedrock topography using both geophysical data and borehole data.

Christensen started his career at NGI as a summer intern in 2013 and completed his MSc in Geology and Geophysics at the University of Calgary (2017). He also holds a BScE in Geological Engineering from Queen’s University (2014). His talents have been recognized by major academic awards from (among others) the National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC) and Queen’s University.

Guro Huun Skurdal (MSc), VP Operations

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Guro Skurdal has a solid background in geophysics and geotechnical field investigations, leading geotechnical ground investigation projects and processing of airborne geoscanning data. She was introduced to the world of airborne electromagnetics during the work of her MSc degree, a collaboration between the University of Oslo and NGI (2016). Improvement of the near-surface resolution of an airborne EM-system and comparing these data with geotechnical investigations was the core of her thesis.

With the combined experience from working with geophysical and geotechnical field investigation projects, Skurdal believes in the potential and advantages of implementing airborne geo-intelligence as a part of large infrastructure projects. Her understanding of the Norwegian geotechnical industry enables her to communicate with EMerald Geomodelling’s clients in the appropriate language.

Ronny Liverød, VP Business Development

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Ronny Liverød has a background from the construction industry. He has experience from a variety of infrastructure projects, everything from hydropower plant to road projects. During the last 4 years he lead the Quality and Innovation departments in AF Gruppen. Liverød brings his unique consumer insights, ensuring EMerald will always keep the focus on solving our customer’s problems.

Karoline Jensen (MSc), Communications Chef

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Karoline Jensen is making sure we communicate crystal clear with clients, partners and the general public.

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