Ronny Liverød has joined us as VP Business Development

February 6th, 2020 6. February 2020

–  I am looking forward to spreading the word about EMerald Geomodelling’s ingenious and innovative technique to the world, says Ronny Liverød. As VP of business development, he is the one who will have the customer contact and develop both the Norwegian and the international market.

CEO Andi Pfaffhuber and VP Business Development Ronny Liverød at the birthplace of “Silicon Valley”, California.

Before he joined EMerald Geomodelling, Ronny Liverød was head of the innovation department at AF Gruppen ASA. Ronny was responsible for strategic planning and the utilization of new technology as well as the mapping of long-term trends within construction. As the head of quality improvement for the group, he was involved in establishing overall routines and revising the management systems of the various units. He will carry on undertaking similar tasks in EMerald Geomodelling.

– In this role I shall have an overview of how we will develop the company, get the right people in place and build up the systems and structures of the whole organisation. In addition to this, I will be in contact with clients and will expand the network both in Norway and abroad, he says, pointing out that he thrives in the slightly smaller setting of a start-up.

Field experience

This is no pure theorist who is about to take a firm grasp of EMerald Geomodelling’s future development. Liverød began his career in the field, where he was responsible for setting up quality-management and HMS systems for larger infrastructure projects within roads, railways and hydroelectric power. From there he went on to become site manager for external construction in Norway’s biggest railway project. This has given him first-hand knowledge of the intersection between what clients need and what EMerald Geomodelling can deliver.

–  I have myself been involved in projects where we have found things in the ground that should not be there, and I’m looking forward to helping others save both time and resources by being ahead of the game when it comes to problems, he says.

Trust the physics

He is greeted by a great deal of enthusiasm when clients get to hear about EMerald Geomodelling’s technical possibilities, and it is often the case that they realise this is the solution they have been waiting for.

– It can be difficult to get people to trust the physics. From the outside it may look as if we are merely flying over an area with some gadgets hanging under the helicopter, and so can «see» what is going on down in the ground without having to dig. Clients may not fully understand how it works, but they like the results they get, he says.

– There is no one else doing what we do, and it is great fun to be allowed to put forward good solutions to problems that contractors come up against in the field, he says, adding that he is looking forward to getting in on exporting Norwegian technology and contributing to the spread of more high quality and technically sound technology out there in the world.

Liverød has a bachelor’s degree in economics and administration from BI Norwegian Business School and has completed the Executive Program at Singularity University in Silicon Valley.